4D flexiplat

Overcome obstacles – make transportation flexible – work efficiently


4D flexiplat is a modular means of transportation, which can serve as both a logistics vehicle and an assembly area. With a standardised hole matrix board, it serves as a construction base for individual pipe structures. After a product cycle, the logistics and maintenance trolley can be flexibly dismantled or reassembled. 
Standardised containers, structural modules and platforms allow alterations to be made to all parts at any stage of the process. A loop of exchangeable parts is created.

4D flexiplat is a combination of the three standardised measurements- Length, Width, Height (= 3D)- and the fourth dimension, Time (= 4D). 'flexiplat' stands for the flexibility which the platform affords to their users. Time representsproductivity potential, which, when using 4D flexiplat as a shop floormanagement tool, can be fully achieved in a highly effective way.