Adapter pallet

The lean adapter pallet has a standard Euro pallet size. The lean adapter pallet is suitable for transport rollers sized 600mm x 400mm and 600mm x 800mm. This is equivalent to ¼ Euro pallet  and ½ Euro pallet.  Because of a unique and patented system the transport rollers can be fixed and cargo can be transported securely without  having to be repacked. Another great advantage is that a supplier can easily fill the bins, which are placed on top of the transport rollers, with Kanban amounts of parts. The bins with the new parts can easily be wheeled onto the production floor. To the exact spot where the parts are needed for assembly. It is also possible to place a ¼ pallet or  a ½ pallet on the production floor, to reduce intermediate supplies (a wastage in Lean). Because of the wheels repositioning of the pallets is extremely easy. There is no need for a fork lift truck every time pallets need to be moved. This makes working in a production area  safer. Making less use of a fork lift truck, decreases the risk of collisions between workers and truck.


Click here to see the Orgatex Adapter pallet brochure.