VSI have several systems for Kanban boards. E.g. boards with patented system containers. There are Kanban starter sets with 200, 300 or 400 Kanban containers. These containers  are attached to so called grey-boards. You can attach any number of Kanban containers to the board. If the plan is to use many Kanban containers, the aluminium boards are more suited. Other Kanban systems are also available. E.g. Card plan tables. These tables have clear plastic folders and are adjustable in height. A standard table measures 250 or 500 mm and can be attached to a grey-board. There is a range of accessories like dividers and coloured patches.




Prefabrication, which depends on set-up times, is controlled by a KANBAN-BOARD light system. KANBAN cards of empty containers are inserted unmixed, in accordance with item numbers, into the board. Once the yellow area is reached, the person in charge can decide, whether the production has to be initiated or not. Once the red area is reached, production has to be converted and started immediately.


Heijunka - Board


Fluctuation in demand may result in increasing order peaks in the processes of upstream work levels. By means of a Heijunka Board customer or internal construction orders are processed in a predetermined
sequence (e.g. setup optimized) - fluctuations are leveled or smoothed. In most cases this will provide the basis for a stable process.