DAS industrial ladders, stairs, fire excape ladders and specials

Everyone who is familiar with quality ladders for professional and semi professional use, bespoke climbing materials and scaffolds, knows the name DAS.

What makes DAS ladders unique.

First of all DAS stands for safety and therefor all ladders and stairs meet saftey standards and certification standards.

- European EN 131-norm
- NEN 2484-norm
- VGS-safety guarantee
- Dutch Commodities Decree

Secondly all DAS stairs have the so called felsconnection. Which means that the steel ending are bent to interlock, making the ladders and stairs very solid. Felsconnections are also used to interlock the bottom of a can to its sides.

The DAS felsconnection has made a name for itself and the felstechnique has been applied to all DAS products since 1975. Resulting in solid, reliable and durable climbing equipment instead of using rivets which may come lose or welds that reduce the strength of aluminium to 65 percent. DAS ladders and stairs are strong and durable and have a nice solid finish.

Thirdly, DAS handle everything from design to production and from sales through dealers to the customer. Thus guaranteeing a sharp ratio between price and quality.

Fourthly, DAS ladders and stairs can be personalised in accordance to your corporate identity colours. This will make them easily recognisable and could prevent theft. DAS can design and produce your ladders in any given RAL colour.  

Fifthly, DAS ladders are anodized which prevents dirty, black hands when using aluminium ladders


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