Transport roller 600x400

There are several different  600x400 transport rollers:

MAT-BORO-1 has two swivel and two fixed-wheel castors and no towing hook.
MAT-BORO-2 has four swivel wheel castors and no towing hook.
MAT-BORO-7B has two swivel and two fixed wheel castors and a towing hook. That is why the MAT-BORO-7B is suitable for the so called milkrun. It can easily be attached to other transport rollers thus creating a transportation line.

All transport rollers are made of steel and therefor very robust. They can carry up to 250 kilograms each. Their wheels have a diameter of 100 millimeter. Because of their size they are suitable for Euronorm crates that measure 600x400mm. The rollers are easy to stack and because of their special construction compatible with the patented adapter pallet (for more information click on adapter pallet on the left side of this page). Transport rollers are also available with ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)


MAT-BORO-1                                                                                       MAT-BORO-2



MAT-BORO-7B                                                                                       MAT-BORO-7B / COMBI


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