Emergency services

Emergency Response Officers (EROs) are people who are trained to be the first line of response in any emergency situation. Emergency services are often provided in unsafe situations. Employees who are trained in giving first aid and who know how to respond accurately in case of an emergency, always have to make sure that other employees or visitors are safe and that proper aid is given. EROs have to try to minimise damage and maximise safety. They do not have to handle a crisis situation on their own, but they are usually the first ones on the scene. Later, professionals like fire brigade, police, medical personnel and rescue teams will take over.

Every employer required to have an in company Emergency Response Team. In a small company the employer can be the ERO. The Dutch Working Conditions Act does not tell employers how to organise the Emergency Response Team, but the employer must take the size of the organisation and the possible risks into consideration.

EROs need to trained well and they need proper gear and tools. VSI offer an extensive range of products that will help your EROs to do an excellent job.