Exit ladder

Exit ladders guarantee a swift and safe escape. Fire and other cases of calamity always come unexpectedly. Time  is crucial in case of an emergency. These exit ladders have been designed so they are very easy to use and no precious time is wasted. Escaping quickly and safely is just a matter of attaching the ladder to the window sill and rolling it out. The folding protrusions guarantee stability and will make sure the ladder does not hit the wall.


Some advantages:

- Bearing capacity of 500 kilograms
- Ridged ladder rungs
- Propylene carrier band 
- Easy to attach
- Strong protrusions keep the ladder on a safe distance from the wall
- Ladder is 33 cm wide
- Can be attached to a window sill with a maximum depth of 44 cm


Ladders are available in various lengths:

- 5 meters
- 7 meters
- 10 meters
- 16 meters

The width of the staircase is 33 cm and is suitable for window sills with a maximum depth of 44 cm.