History VSI

Maurice Vossen and Lex Blanker enrolled in a project of Maastricht University, named “Hoogstarters”.
They successfully finished this project and won a “Minckeler prize” for having the best laid out business plan. Then they were challenged to market their idea.
A challenge they were more than willing to accept.

VSI are registered in the Chamber of Commerce as a trading partnership. Starting this new business means combining a permanent employment during the day with starting up VSI in the evenings. Their very first product is Floormark, which is launched with help of Rhonda Kovera from the Visual Factory in the United States. Her help and financial support are highly appreciated and VSI would not be what it is today without her. 

Orgatex is spotted as being an excellent addition to the range of products sold by VSI. Apparently Orgatex do not have a representative in the Benelux and VSI convince Orgatex to let them be their dealer in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. After visiting the Lean-Factory in November and talking directly to director Joachim Gerlach, an Orgatex dealership officialised. In October 2008 VSI are turned into a private Limited Company.

VSI start their Orgatex importership. Soon it is decided that Lex Blanker ends his permanent employment to concentrate on expanding VSI Ltd. For the very first time VSI Ltd. present themselves on the Logistica in Utrecht in November.

Maurice Vossen joins Lex Blanker at VSI Ltd.

VSI Ltd. expand their portfolio and keep growing steadily.

Because of continuous growth VSI Ltd. need to hire a new employee. At the Logistica of 2012 Claudia Nelissen is introduced. She is the first employee of VSI Ltd and brought on board because she has additional and valuable expertise. 

Expanding means that housing becomes a problem. In September VSI Ltd. move into their newly acquired office building. It is situated on a street in Landgraaf, which surprisingly enough is called  `Minckelerstraat`.

VSI Ltd. focus on setting up a warehouse, which enables them to send products directly from stock.

Implementing a new ERP system.

Because VSI already had in company knowledge about graphic design, it was decided to start designing and printing VSI documentation.
To do this VSI have aquired a professional and digital printing line. To present the first self produced VSI catalogue was high on this year's priority list.