KOMO - Ergonomic workplace mats

KOMO workplace mats are designed in a way that the body is always in motion, though hardly discernible. Thereby the blood circulation is stimulated and the leg muscles keep flexible. This means that standing is less painful, which naturally results in greater concentration and better motivation and less periods of lost hours due to sickness. A classic WIN-WIN situation occurs in which employees and employers profit simlilary.

•  are ergonomically designed and obviate disease

•   are available in different materials, profiles and density 

•   have a shock absorbing effect on the locomotor system due to highest flexible material and quick reset

•   constant leg massage - supporting blood circulation - antifatigue

•   are skid resistant and slip-proof

•   isolation against coldness, vibrations and noise

•   available as different models: 

   -  for jobs where you are standing, walking and turning 

   -  Polyurethane or rubber mats 

   -  Antistatic, fire retardant or ESD

   -  For dry and wet workplaces

   -  resistant against chemicals, oil and cooling lubricants 

   -  highly resilient, partially driveable by vehicle

•   easy cleansing 

•   robust and longlife due to special production technique  

•   vinyl-free


KOMO Polyurethan

KOMO Polyurethane mats offer the highest amount of comfort, flexibility and durability. They are manufactured from Polyurethane which has been especially developed by KOMO. The KOMO outer skin is thick and highly compressed.

The mats can also be laid out in humid or even wet areas.


KOMO AIR a (#M350), KOMO AIR A (#M351), KOMO AIR AF (#M353)

The KOMO workstation mat with the best ergonomical values. You will feel like walking on forest soil. For dry and wet areas

- Enormously damping by material and special construction with air cushions - hollow bubbles

- „„Effective massage of legs stimulate blood circulation

„„- For relaxed and effortless standing position

„„- The Air is developed for robust exposure, also for multiple shift work




KOMO FLEX a (#M300), KOMO FLEX A (#M304), KOMO FLEX AF (#M306)

 For wet and dry areas 

-  Extremely flexible

„„-  Enormously abrasion-resistant mats with bubble surface

-  „„Slip-proof due to wavy line structure on bottom

-  „„Effective massage of legs, stimulate blood circulation

  The flex is developed for robust exposure, also for multiple shift work




KOMO Fit a (#M400), KOMO FIT A (#M404), KOMO FIT AF (#M406)

For workers standing, walking and turning. For dry and wet areas

-   Easy to drive on

-   More standing comfort and no hydroplaning when getting wet due to wavy rills profile

-   Simple to clean

-   Thick, high-density outer skin to guarantee longer durability and for use in wet rooms

   KOMO FIT workplace mats are developed for heavy duty, also used for multi-shift workstations.





  The comfortable protection for your back and legs. For dry and wet areas. 

-   For workers standing and walking

„„-   Slip-proofed bubble structure

„„-   High skid-resistance due to wavy line structure on the bottom surface

„„-   Extraordinary flexibility

   KOMO SOFT FLEX mats have been developed for regular strain.




KOMO SOFT FIT a (#M640), KOMO SOFT FIT aF (#M650),

   The comfortable protection for your back and legs. For dry and wet areas.

-   For workers performing a lot of turning moves

„„-   Drivable with light supply vehicles

„„-   Simple to clean

    KOMO SOFT FIT  mats have been developed for regular strain.




Ergonomical Nitril workstation mat with cork granulate. 

-   Particularly convenient for workstations with high appearance of oil and cooling lubricants,
    for dry and wet areas

-   „„The cork granulates reduce slip hazard. For workers turning, walking and standing

-   „„Fluids drain away due to the perforation of the mat and additional drainage channels

„„-   Driveable with high pallet trucks and suppling vehicles

-   „„Enormously resistant for rough industrial use, ideal for shift operation




Ergonomical hygiene-Nitrile-workstation mat

-   For dry and wet areas, food- and laboratory areas
„„-   Comfortable standing, walking and turning



KOMO ECO (#M895)

Ergonomical workstation mat for the rough industrial use

-   For workers standing, walking and turning

-   „„Drivable with light pallet trucks and supplying vehicles



KOMO Combi (#M1200), KOMO Combi M (#M1100), KOMO Combi Single (#M1000),

-   For workers standing, walking and turning

-   „„E and M: adjustable with flexible modular system, middle parts can be added in length

-   „„Fast assembly/disassembly of E and M



KOMO Wet standard (#M2000)

  For dry and wet areas

-  For workers standing, walking and turning

„„-  Continuously big perforation

„„-  Usable for areas with the appearance of much fluid

„„-  Not for cooling lubricant areas



KOMO Combi E (#M1200), KOMO Combi M (#M1100), KOMO Combi Single (#M1000),

  For wet and dry areas 

-  For workers standing, walking and turning

„„-  Continiously big perforation

-  „„Usable for areas with appearance of much fluid

„„-  Oil- and grease resistant