Orgatex hanging signs

Hanging signs and accessories

The Orgatex hanging sign is an easy to use system that shows information of your choice in a clearly visible way. It is made of a plastic, coloured frame and has a transparent plastic holder on the inside. This can hold many different sizes of paper (100-series DIN A4, A5, A3, 200 series A2, A1)


- Comes in many different colours. (ideal for visual management in all processes)
- Any employee can easily change information that needs to be shown. (Ideal for 5S stages)
  You only need a printer and possible colored paper.
Can be used time and time again. A one-time only investment.
Easy to connect. (to each other, to pipes, to grid boxes, to chains, to magnets, to adhesive strips)
- Inexpensive
- Ideal for warehouse identification.


Examples of Orgatex hanging signs.