Parking Slot

In logistic and production areas dollies and rollable carrier units have to be stored  safely and  in a structured way.  Parking slots make sure that transporters or dollies stay in their place and cannot roll away. Parking slots are available in an aluminium and a synthetic version. The synthetic parking slot can carry no more than 200 kilograms. Both versions are available in variable lengths (400 mm, 800 mm, 1200 mm and 2400 mm). Bespoke measurements are available for projects. The aluminium parking slots have adaptors which make sure that wheels of different diameters stay in place. The  synthetic parking slots have a unique system that adapts to the width of the wheels of the carrier.


Synthetic parking slot


The newly designed synthetic parking slot can be easily applied by using industrial adhesive. Once attached to the floor the parking slot will make sure that dollies or other carriers are stored  in a safe and space saving way. 

- adjusts itself automatically to the wheel diameter
- allows an easy blocking of any rolling material
- ready to use (industrial adhesive)
- easy to cut

Example Parking Slot




Aluminium Parking Slot


Extruded aluminium rails with hard plastic end-caps.
Optionally, the aluminium Parking Slot can be covered with Long Life Floor markings, this for a clear sigaal effect.
Available in 2 heights and different widths.
- Self-adhesive  
- Precise provision of materials
- Extremely robust
- Easy to install
- Unambiguous allocation
- Dollies will not move while material is put in or taken out
- Very flat (no tripping hazard when empty)

Example aluminium Parking Slot




Click here to see the Orgatex  Parking slot brochure.