Rollable pallet

The unique and patented rollable pallet comes in Euro pallet sizes. The rollable pallet is made out of steel and has two wheels on either long sides. This makes it easy to move the pallet straight ahead. The short side of the rollable pallet has two castors wheels, which allows the pallet to rotate freely around its pivot-centre. Because of the unique positioning of the wheels the rollable pallet can be placed effortlessly into cantilever rackings. As soon as the rollable pallet touches the ground it is ready to be moved. Small loads can easily be replaced. No devices or aids needed. The rollable pallet can carry up to 1000 kilograms. The short side also has coupling options to place the pallet into a so called  milkrun.


Rollable pallet hot-dip galvanized and with towing device.                                                           Stacking Frame


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