Shadow-Mark to indicate where tools should be placed


This product is easily applied onto almost any flat surface:
Glass • Metal • Concrete • Desktops • White Boards.
Give tools their own place and show where they should be returned after use. (5S approach).

Flexible - Exact - Time saving - Inexpensive - Ready to use - Quickly produced


Shadow-Mark is easily applied


- Clean and degrease the surface you are going to use.
- Outline the object and cut out the form.
- Remove the back and stick the Shadow-Mark to the surface.
- Use mild pressure on the Shadow-Mark outlining to maximise fixing.

Are your tools never in their place? Do you lose precious time while searching for tools? Are tools never in their place? Then VSI Shadow Boards are the solution. 

The Shadow-Mark brochure gives you more details and examples of application.