Clever way of mapping out tools.
Ideal for implementing 5S.


Optimise your workplace by using VSI shadow boards

Are your tools never in their place? Do you lose precious time while searching for tools? Are tools never in their place? Then VSI Shadow Boards are the solution. VSI Shadow Boards are made of bicoloured and contrasting foam. Several colours and special materials (e.g. oil and water resistant) are available. VSI Shadow Boards are custom made and fairly priced.

Flexible - Bespoke - Time saving - Inexpensive - Ready to use - Quickly produced


Optimal Workplace Organisation


VSI Shadow Boards help to:

- Keep workplaces neat and tidy
- Optimise work processes
- Reduce ineffective work
- Cut down lead time
- Reduce production costs
- Improve quality



Because of our production experience we can advise on how to:

- Lay out tools the best way possible
- Apply  texts
- Choose the right materials
- Take measurements to ensure a perfect fit
- Choose the right custom made grip

Production process

Your VSI Shadow Board is produced in three steps
1. Scanning
2. Programming
3. Producing

Further information  and an oversight  over our range, can be found on
Shadow Boards are ideal for loose parts. All parts needed, can be checked in one glance.
All parts of an assembly kit can be checked visually. This prevents unintentional mistakes (Poka Yoke).
Shadow Boards safeguard your precious and calibrated tools