Stair & Bull Nosings

Head-first or backwards, a fall on a stairway - even a small flight - can kill or cause major trauma. Adverse environmental conditions or the presence of lubricants, fluids and other contaminants will magnify the risk enormously.

antiskid Stair Nosings guard against the multiple dangers of polished, worn or cracked stairs in places exposed to weather or fluid spills by eliminating the slip hazard and reprofiling the leading edge of the stairs and increasing the shoe contact area.

Safety cannot be compromised on stairways. antiskid stair nosings offer high visibility whilst both ascending or descending. Most importantly, the aggregate on the nosing's leading edge (the danger point) will not dislodge or wear.

antiskid stair nosings can be fitted permanently in seconds without the risk of being loosened by vibrations or heavy use.