If you would like to increase efficiency within your company, then 5S will be an ideal stepping stones to achieve this goal. 5S is a system to organise a workplace the best way possible. It will help you to create ideal workplaces in your company.

VSI give 5S training and always keep in mind that a training should be easy accessible, focused on practise and give employers knowledge they can use  right away. Because VSI are supplier of lean tools and visual management materials, they can make a training very hands on. Participants get to experience first-hand what these materials can do and how they are best used.

This training teaches you the 5 steps of 5S in practise.

The 5S steps are:

  • 1st S Sort (Japanese Seiri)
  • 2nd S Set in order (Japanese Seiton)
  • 3rd S Shine (Japanese Seiso)
  • 4th S Standardise (Japanese Seiketsu)
  • 5th S Sustain (Japanese Shitsuke)