Vinyl Deck

Newly laid concrete or vinyl flooring can appear safe, but can still cause just as much damage as old surfaces worn smooth by use. Add water or fluids of any kind, and the danger intensifies dramatically. Injuries will occur.

Vinyl Deck has been designed to eradicate the risk of injuries, as well as to control traffic flows. It is a vital addition to the flooring of any areas where there is heavy spillage or spoilage, and for all newly laid floors. Simple to apply permanently to any surface, Vinyl Deck can easily be cut to fit the site without impairing its non-skid properties or precipitating delamination. Whether used in heavy industry or in wet areas of canteens and changerooms, it will not fade, crack, lift or delaminate.

Vinyl Deck is also suitable for use on ramps and walkways, which can be the source of serious injuries if left untreated. Due to its inherent flexibility, Vinyl Deck is also ideal for use on curved tanks or pipelines where access is required.