Bott Cubio

Bott Cubio industrial lay out and workplace systems offer a wide range of products for your  production space or workplace. It ranges from stationary or moveable drawer cabinets, to all kinds of workbenches and  storage and lay out systems. All components can separately be adjusted to suit customer’s wishes.

High quality
The unique thing about our workplace lay out systems is the extremely high quality. Which is not only clearly visible but also noticeable by touch and sound. Cubio is an open system that also offers many different slide in parts and possibilities to combine.

Functional design
With Cubio we focus on individuality, on style and on functionality and durability.  Shape and function go hand in hand and this is what makes Cubio elements classical and ageless.All customary system measurements come in a clearly recognisable design and  in timeless yet  modern colours.

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We go for solid constructions, stability and durability. With Cubio elements you choose ageless solutions, either modular, bespoke or standard, but with high carrying capacity, beautifully shaped lines and solid and practical materials.