The cooperation between VSI and her partners developed quite naturally because they were all searching for ways to optimise production processes and at the same time make work safer.

To achieve this it is absolutely necessary to have a board range of products and to have a lot of practical knowledge and know how. Constantly being on a quest for new solutions is also part of trying to make production more efficient. Striving for continuous innovation and improvement is what VSI and her partners have in common.

Partners complement and reinforce each other on all areas. They form a group of, manufactures, experts, critical friends and sparring partners who form a very productive think tank.

Partly because VSI has an extensive back up, they can offer bespoke solutions and that is with what they  distinguish themselves. VSI and her partners work globally. They have gathered a considerable amount of knowledge and experience, which is an absolute necessity in a search for new and more fitting solutions.

Whenever a customer has a question to which there is no readymade answer, VSI will extend their search and call on the expertise of its partners.