Workplace lay out

Your workplace is the basis for an optimal production process and for  good profits. As logical as this sounds, it is not that easy to create the perfect workplace.  Placing machines and equipment in the right spot  seems easy enough, but is  absolutely crucial  for optimising  work processes.

Some relevant questions: Are machines logically placed  in relation to each other or are they strewn across the production floor? Do employees have to go back and forth carrying materials needed elsewhere? Are there ergonomic means at hand? What about climate control?  Are there enough proper tools to do the job?

It doesn’t stop at your entrance hall or production workplace. Who hasn’t  seen these packed and unorganised vans? When the doors open, tools fall out. When employees suddenly have to brake, they get injured by tools that are just lying around and that get catapulted by sudden movements of the van. Employees have to go back to their van every time to get tools they need for the job, only to discover that they are not in the van. They did not notice this before because it was unorganised and messy. They have to return to the warehouse and come back later to finish the job. Wasting precious time.

VSI help you to optimise the lay out of your workplace. They can do this because they have a lot of practical experience, extensive knowledge, loads of knowhow and high quality products. VSI offer a one stop solution for your workplace and your company vehicles.