Bott Vario

Bott Vario company vehicle lay outs offer many different components to create an ideal workplace lay out in almost every company car, van or lorry. This is done by using all-purpose modules, special components and by offering custom made solutions.

Choose quality
We have long time experience in these forms of vehicle lay out. Bott products are of German make and have extensively been tested. Bott use high quality materials that withstand even the toughest crash tests. The use of materials has been well thought through. Materials are sturdy but light, whenever function permits. Often aluminium, high strength steel and solid synthetic materials are used. Because of this Bott vehicle lay outs are the less heaviest on the market nowadays. The lighter the well laid out vehicle is, the more you can it can carry. Bott offer light vehicle lay outs without compromising on quality, solidness and safety for driver and cargo. 

Optimise available space

Bott lay out systems are above all extremely practical. The space of your vehicle is used as best as possible. Storing and retrieving has never been so easy.  Neither has  been the way to get your vehicle laid out for this. Cabinets, doors, shutters, drawers, shelves, work units, suitcases,  help you to transform the cargo space or boot of your car into an ideal mobile work place.

Choose flexibility and durability

Considering that you might wish to make use of these quality products for as long as possible, they are being made with just that in mind. The storage units are flexible and easy to install into another vehicle. Good chance that the well laid out storage units of one van can easily be reused in another van. 

Enjoy having professional solutions that result in a professional image

A well laid out mobile workplace or cargo space saves a lot of trouble and even enhances job satisfaction . Doing your job will become easier.  Another advantage is that it underlines your professional approach. 

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