Orgatex floor tape

Orgatex have been designing and manufacturing visual management products since the 1970s. Their floor tape is one of the  high quality products they produce.

The Orgatex floor tape is easy to apply and available in several different colours and widths. It allows you to arrange your work place with hardly any effort. The new plastic surface of the tape makes it very flexible, long lasting and wear and tear proof.

By combining different coloured tape you can map out and separate foot paths and storage spaces. It not only makes situations much clearer but will also help you to make better use of storage space. Floor tape shows everybody that stock may only be stored in these specially mapped out areas. 

Floor tape is available on standard rolls, but also as pre-cut forms like crosses, T-pieces, squares, circles and angles.



Pre-cut forms are now also available in the newly developed Long Life Heavy Duty quality. The combination of high quality materials and bevelled edges makes it the best in both strength and function.



Orgatex also has foot prints and floor safety signs.


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