Visual Pockets

Often one sees handwritten notes attached to crates or steel wire boxes. Pieces of adhesive tape or metal staples are often used to keep the notes in place. But the notes are easily lost and usually only a bit of adhesive tape or a metal staple remains. Especially metal staples can cause injuries because of their sharp edges.

Sometimes notes get lost during transportation leaving the crates or boxes without any identification at all. Precious time is wasted on redoing identification. VSI have an extensive range of products that will help you save time by making  sure that identification is clearly visible and will  stick to crates and boxes. Visual pockets are ideal for identification and are also available with different mounting systems e.g. self-adhesive, magnetic and super magnetic. 


Standard visual pocket                Self-adhesive visual pocket    Magnetic visual pocket      Super magnetic
                                                                                                                                               visual pocket

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