Bott Perfo

Perfo - The Original

  • Independent product line to complete the Bott portfolio.
  • An ordered workplace, quick access, clear arrangement – a system for every location and application.
  • Cost-effective and space-saving storage solutions.

Perfo - perforated and slotted panels

  • Stable and torsion-free, with welded top-hat profile on back
  • 9.2 x 9.2 mm perforations with continuous 38.1 mm grid spacing – this grid spacing is also maintained over the panel edges.
  • Customer-specific labelling options.

Kitting elements

  • Numerous holders for various tools and parts.
  • Galvanised steel brackets, brackets welded into the base plate.
  • Attached with perfo clip + protective cap.
  • Practice-oriented sets.
  • Plastic storage bins and brackets for slotted panels.


  • Wall mounting
  • Workbench mounting
  • Partition systems
  • Perfo trolleys
  • Perfo wall-mounted cabinets
  • Cubio cabinets
  • Vehicle side lining
  • Bott vario endframes
  • Vehicle partitions