Kanban boxes are available in DIN A4 and in 118x190x6 mm size. A 118x190x6 mm Kanban box can hold documents sized DIN A7 to 1/3 DIN.  Large and small Kanban boxes can be combined. Small Kanban boxes come in different colours among which the special red, green and yellow Kanban colours. The DIN A4 box is available in a grey colour and as a transparent box.

Kanban boxes have a patented sliding system so they can easily be linked together. They can be linked below or next to each other. This makes it easy to create or change Kanban circles. Boxes can be attached to Kanban boards without effort. Other accessories are available e.g. blockage shield to help adjust Kanban circles, or floor adjusters.



Adjustable Bottom


System Boxes have an adjustable bottom. They can be adjusted to hold smaller cards. Due to an adjustable bottom System Boxes can be customised to hold individual KANBAN cards of different sizes, from DIN A7
(74 mm x 105 mm) up 
to 1/3 DIN (100 mm x 210 mm).



Block Label


The block label allows temporary blocking of a specific box. The design of the Block Label prevents KANBAN cards from being inserted into a box. Consequently, the KANBAN Board can easily be adjusted to the changing production requirements.