Lean Factory

All facets of lean experience - practical on all levels

Striving for a continuous improvement of processes and to keep ahead of competition, the German industry has since long been focusing on lean tools.

Since 2005 there has been an increasing demand for materials and hardware to help improve production processes. Companies who have specialised in developing and producing these so called Lean products, decided to share their knowledge and information. Learning from each other and completing one another is the result of this cooperation. Furthermore it enables all partners to better serve their customers. The collaboration resulted in the founding of the Lean Factory Group.

All partners within the Lean Factory Group strive to help their customers to reach their full potential in optimising their production processes. Thus making their customers stronger competitive wise.

The group now consists of 12 partners, who share knowledge, hardware and software. With this broad network of expertise and experience at their back and call, they can successfully introduce Lean structures within any company.

The training facility has an mixed-model production line which can make different products. The simulation shows all aspects of production (e.g. pre-production, production, supplying and stocking goods) It gives you the opportunity to experience first-hand what Lean tools can do. In training sessions the theory behind Lean is explained and in the simulation area you can see theory in practise.


  • Very practical and easy accessible
  • Opportunity to network
  • Good mix of theory and practise
  • Clear introduction of Lean with the help of live demostrations