Ergonomic chairs and stools

Factory work is often done standing up combined with little walking. Eventually this can cause health problems like backache, painful joints, muscle cramps and varicose veins. To prevent this standing work activities should be limited and alternated with periods of sitting and walking work.

Blood circulation when working standing up 
When doing standing work for more than an hour,  leg muscles will stop pumping blood to the heart. This can result in swollen ankles and varicose veins. Besides blood circulation problems also backaches and joint and hip problems are caused by too much standing work. 

Because absenteeism is not good for either employee and employer, it is advisable to create a healthy and therefor more productive working space.

VSI offer a range of standing mats and ergonomically shaped chairs and stools. These items are made of beech wood or polyurethane foam and come in different heights.